Thanks To Marshner



Raoul de la Torre Valenzuela



Thank you very much for publishing the brilliant and stunning series on Allende’s program for programmed misery in Chile by William Marshner. This type of report by America’s finest Catholic weekly has been long overdue. Only someone like Marshner, with his cultured appreciation for Catholic Hispanic culture, could have gathered and put forth the truth so courageously.

The secular-liberal bureaucrats in the USCC’s Latin American Division have repeatedly manifested their virulent support for the Marxist revolutionary movement in South America. The Hispanic world is first and foremost a Catholic world. As recently as several weeks ago the American Catholic bishops sponsored a mission collection in parishes across the United States. You guessed it; the proceeds from this collection were to be dispensed in part to Marxist revolutionary exiles, former comrades of Allende. I have this from an impeccable source.

Thus, it has been with increasing satisfaction that we have read each article by Marshner in The Wanderer telling the truth about recent political happenings in Chile. In contrast to these brilliant articles, the American Catholic and secular press has been filled with the most astounding lies, gross defamations of character, and the libelling of Chilean statesmen.

This systematic program of reverse discrimination toward faithful Catholics south of the Rio Grande by clerical Leftist ideologues in Washington has been vicious and unrelenting. The Marxist missionaries hail Che Guevara as a new St. Paul. Any stateman looking to the social teaching of the Roman Pontiffs is automatically pigeonholed as a neanderthal reactionary. As if the teaching of the Roman Magisterium was not timeless in its reflections on faith and morals and social justice.

To be sure, the truth of the matter is now history. Allende, just as much as Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler, was bent on destroying the Catholic Church where he found it. There is documented proof that comrade Allende was providing every possible assistance to the anti-Catholic Marxist revolutionary armies in Argentina. There is further proof that comrade Allende fully intended to execute all Catholics opposed to his anti-Catholic regime; “Operation Z” was to be a “night of the long knives” for 50,000 of the most devout Catholics in Chile. In addition, European magazines published lengthy articles on the Allende regime after his fall, complete with full-page color photographs of much of Allende’s palatial living, which Marshner has described. The plush palaces, the stockpiles of arms in quantity enough to arm an entire division, and much more.

Furthermore, the Societies for the Preservation of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) published a lengthy expose of the Allende regime in magazines throughout South America. The compilated edition of these articles in book form has recently been released by the TFP office in Paris, France. Thus, except for America with its Leftist-dominated press the truth has been given wide coverage throughout the Free World.

Thanks to William Marshner, we Americans can also now have the truth on Chile. As Fr. Hasboun of Santiago’s TV Channel 13 stated one week before the military coup:

“Chileans can no longer be sacrificed on the altar of an ideology which has been imposed on them as a dogma, foreign to their soul and directly opposed to their Christian heritage.”

Raoul de la Torre Valenzuela
Clifton Forge, Va.

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