Contra Gentiles: Integrism In America I


Contra Gentiles: Integrism in America I

W. H. Marshner

Vol. VIII No. 3
March 1973

If a French clergyman starts talking to you about integrism, you had best discover a pressing engagement elsewhere or at least take two aspirins, because in France the subject is vast and about as tractable as the rights and wrongs of the Dreyfus case. In America, on the other hand (and thank God), the word “integrism” is still but little used, for we seem to be able to smite our theological foemen without the aid of that particular slur. Yet there are cases where even tainted words have a use; and I contend, therefore, that a few moments spent on establishing a clear and just American semantics for “integrism” will not be time wasted. Continue reading “Contra Gentiles: Integrism In America I”