Wisconsin’s Pro-Life Representative


Wisconsin’s Pro-Life Representative

W. H. Marshner

August 1, 1974

In Wisconsin’s eighth district, Cong. Harold Froehlich (R.) faces a stiff battle to retain his seat this Fall. Wanderer readers will remember that Froehlich was the sponsor of the successful anti-abortion amendment which was adopted onto the omnibus Community Services Act (HR 14449). Froehlich has been active on the right to life issue since he arrived in Congress two years ago and has sponsored and co-sponsored and amended appropriate legislation to represent the pro-life point of view.

This election is of interest because Froehlich’s opponent most assuredly would not fight to attach right to life amendments to any legislation, at least, not as far as we can tell. That is especially sad, because Froehlich’s opponent is a Catholic priest from near Green Bay, very much like Cong. Robert Drinan, S.J., who votes against right to life amendments on the rare occasions they reach the floor.

The propriety of an ordained priest’s being involved in the distinctly secular life of politics is one question; even if he were fighting for the right to life and other issues that Catholics are obligated to support, the question would be open. But in a situation like this, the doubt (a liberal-chic priest whose dedication to the anti-abortion cause is questionable) should be weighed against a certainty (Rep. Froehlich’s proven competence and dedication). The preferability of Froehlich becomes obvious.

There is another reason pro-lifers across the country are watching Green Bay this Fall. With Lawrence Hogan (R., Md.) vacating his congressional seat to run for governor of Maryland, the right to life cause is without a leader in the House of Representatives. With Froehlich’s record, it is reasonable to expect the mantle will fall on him and that he will emerge as the new House leader of the fight for life.

As the Fall approaches it would be well for members of Wisconsin’s eighth district to keep the above points in mind.

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