Wanderer Forum Honors Boland, Mrs. Robinson, Marshner


Wanderer Forum Honors Boland, Mrs. Robinson, Marshner

July 10, 1975

Three persons received awards at the Eleventh National Wanderer Forum at an awards banquet on Saturday evening, June 28th, at the Hilton Hotel in St. Paul. The awards are given by the Wanderer Forum Foundation to Catholics who have defended Magisterial teachings in their work for the Faith.

Carol Jackson Robinson, Redding, Conn., was recognized for “her devotion to, and exposition of, the perennial philosophy of the angelic doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas… and her constancy and determination in promoting that philosophy and theology which the Church holds in singular esteem.” ,Mrs. Robinson, a convert who holds a master’s degree in theology, was co-founder and co-editor of Integrity magazine; she has published several books under a pseudonym with Sheed and Ward Publishers, and written many articles for The Wanderer. Mrs. Robinson spends her leisure time reading the Fathers of the Church and St. Thomas Aquinas.

“For his valiant and persistent work in bringing to public attention the truth about the continuing subversion and indoctrination by Communists in this Country and abroad,” the Wanderer Forum saluted John D. Boland, of Godfrey, Ill., research director for the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation. Boland’s published commentaries in the Mindszenty Report and the Red Line serve to inform and alert thousands about the true nature of Communism.”

Before coming to the Mindszenty Foundation, Boland worked as a reporter for the Jefferson City News-Tribune and contributed articles to Human Events, The Wanderer, and other periodicals. He studies thirty Communist publications each month and writes the CMF’s Red Line to alert readers to the Communist threat.

William H. Marshner received the third award “for his brilliant and incisive efforts in the Catholic Press Apostolate, which have provided invaluable perspectives on issues which vitally affect the Church and the Commonwealth.” Marshner’s reputation as a formidable adversary of those sowing confusion within the Church has international recognition.

Marshner, who has done graduate work in Near Eastern and biblical languages and literature, converted to Catholicism in 1967. He authored the Society for the Christian Commonwealth’s translation of the General Catechetical Directory and numerous articles for The Wanderer, including a translation and commentary of Rome’s declaration Mysterium Ecclesiae, and a controversial analysis of the situation in Chile after the ouster of Salvador Allende. Marshner resides in Washington, D.C.

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